Welcome to the Big Picture

Hello to you all, we are Alan and Steve.

We bring you this blog, hopefully, by way of something just a little bit different. There are many blogs out there full of useful, sarcastic, satirical etc information on Police Reform, NHS, Reform, Coastguard reform etc etc. We haven’t yet found one that puts it all together and gives you, the reader, The Big Picture.

So that is what we are going to try and achieve, to give you all the information we can find to keep you informed and allow you to join up all the dots and see just what this ConDem Thinktankocracy coalition is getting away with in relation to as many of the Public Services as we can fit in.

When you look at their current policies it’s obvious to us that they are intent on reforming (read privatising) just about all of the public services, and all has to be in place before 2015, cos they won’t be in power come the next election. Labour has promised to reverse some of their policies but

a) We don’t think the country will be able to afford it, and

b) it will be too late to reverse the sell-offs envisaged as they will be tied up in minimum 10 year contracts.

Once we’re up and running assuming that this is of interest to others we hope to be able to add guest writers and  host Guest Blogs, so if you have anything you’d like included please let us know.


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