Think tanks – A right wing insurrection by George Monbiot

Think tanks and their influence on Government are for me a key part of the Big Picture.

The quote below is from an article published in the Guardian on Monday the 1st of October 2012 which looks at the influence think tanks have on Government policy.

“For 30 years big business, neoliberal thinktanks and the media have colluded to capture our political system. They’re winning

“To subvert means to turn from below. We need a new word, which means to turn from above. The primary threat to the democratic state and its functions comes not from mob rule or leftwing insurrection, but from the very rich and the corporations they run.

These forces have refined their assault on democratic governance.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

If you want to know who contributes funds to which Thinktank – you could try Who Funds You a site set up to promote openness in think tank funding which rates 20 of the UK’s leading think tanks according to their openness and transparency.

This article from the Guerilla  Policy an independent social policy think tank (irony there) : Selling public Services why think tanks promote the Whitehall consensus for outsourcing  looks at the issue from the point of view that the public and the public services themselves are ignored by think tanks  in policy formation because they have an interest in retaining the services as a user or employee.



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