It’s NOT About The Money, Money, Money

Sorry Jessie J, couldn’t resist that one.

But it isn’t all about the money.  Much has been made about Police Officers (and others) complaining about pay and pension issues.  I’m tempted to say “Take no notice, Ignore it”.  I would be a liar if I tried to convince you that pay and pensions aren’t important, of course they are, very important.

The government, however, would have you believe that it is ONLY about pay and pensions.  Well it is NOT.

Most Police Officers I know are reasonable people and have begrudgingly accepted the pay freeze.  They have even accepted the famous Winsor Fitness Tests, because it’s reasonable.  With regards to the Police most of their gripes are to do with other issues contained within Winsor’s Review that you’re not actually hearing about because the government doesn’t want you to hear it.

I defy anybody who is in any pension scheme not to be mighty miffed when the pension scheme rules are changed mid-term.  Pay more, work longer, get less is common to nearly all public sector pensions, except politicians, who now get more for working less.

I believe that other public sector workers feel pretty much the same.

They are concerned about pay and pensions obviously, and I think that most have again accepted a pay freeze as inevitable, but I can quite see and understand their anger when we read about Bankers, and let’s be honest they caused all this didn’t they?, getting bonuses which are back to pretty much where they left off.

Job Losses, Working Conditions and Public Safety are what they are most concerned about, but that is not how it is being portrayed.

I shall no doubt be vilified by somebody for saying this, but for years now I have thought that any government, of any political colour should concentrate on and support the groups of workers that this country NEEDS.  This morning I read this;

Tory cuts so far,

  • 20,000 Army,
  • 5,000 Navy,
  • 5,000 RAF,
  • 60,000 NHS,
  • 16,000 Police,
  • 730,000 Public Sector,
  • 1,700 Remploy,
  • 2 Bankers

I can’t comment on the accuracy of the figures, they are not mine, but the Police figure is accurate as in that is the projected loss by 2015.  My point is this

  • Army – we NEED the Army
  • Air Force – we NEED the Air Force
  • Navy – We NEED the Air Force
  • Police – We NEED the Police
  • NHS – We NEED Doctors and Nurses etc.
  • Bankers – We DO NOT need the number of bankers that we have, and they do not need to be so highly paid.  In my opinion a Consultant Intensive Care doctor is worth far more than a Banker.
  • They’re not included here but we NEED teachers too.

The government have an unhappy habit of attacking in the press any body that opposes them.  Certain TV Broadcasters and newspapers seem to be particularly good at it.  Do not be taken in by it, it’s a political tactic to disperse sympathy.

It is most certainly NOT all about the money, it’s about Job Losses, Public Safety, Coastguard Station, Fire Station and Prison closures, Privatisation, Uncertainty.  Please do not be fooled into thinking that people are incapable of seeing beyond their pay packets and have no concern for the public they serve.



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