Relevant experience – what real world work based experience have the MP’s who make up the Cabinet have?

I have often wondered exactly what real world work experience our current Cabinet members have?

I do not doubt their intelligence or intellectual ability but I do question whether they know what the people whose lives they affect on a daily basis have to do in terms of work.

I began to research this very topic the other day and then found a link in my twitter timeline today to a blogpost from @guerillapolicy that has saved me much time. The point I wanted to make as stated above is about the cabinets experience in the real world that links to their role in Government.

I was relieved to see that at least some of them have relevant experience and yet equally worried to see that some have no work experience that links to their role and others have no experience at all having been in politics all their lives.

As an example the Chancellor has only worked in politics, the Health secretary has no health related experience and the Justice minister has no apparent justice based experience.

By experience I mean actually working in a related industry or role&  not consultancy type roles.

Does this matter? I think it does if you want to introduce reform that will enhance and develop the existing structures that are in place. I guess it does not matter if you intend to introduce reforms that are based on ideology where experience might get in the way!

Please have a read of the @guerillapolicy blogpost and draw your own conclusions.

Does it matter?


2 thoughts on “Relevant experience – what real world work based experience have the MP’s who make up the Cabinet have?

  1. retiredandangry

    And Winsor and Gibbs have no Police-related experience, Gove was a journalist (and his father a fish-processor) before entering Parliament. No previous experience required is obviously the ConDem policy

    1. steveb1960 Post author


      Good point – Winsor has yet to make any impact as chief HMIC and I must admit I had forgotten about Blair Gibbs who seems to have taken a complete vow of silence in his new role.


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