Is Westminster City Council a donor to Policy Exchange?

A new post has been added to AlanW47’s Retired and Angry blog today about Policy Exchange. It is an interesting and eye opening read that raised a number of questions in my mind about the educational charity status of such organisations.Especially when the only beneficiaries seem to be the government and private industries.

One particular point that really caught my eye was the list of donors one of which is Westminster City Council.

A local authority donating money to a right wing think tank? This just does not seem right to me – at a time when cuts are being made left, right and centre where does a local authority get the money to donate to such an organisation?

I can only assume that the council tax paying residents and businesses within the Westminster City Council area are happy to see their money going to such a cause? A look at their website shows that 48 of the 60 councillors are in fact conservative and therefore it is entirely conceivable that the residents may indeed support such a donation?

I have made a Freedom of Information request to the council to find out the amount of money involved.



2 thoughts on “Is Westminster City Council a donor to Policy Exchange?

  1. David Boothroyd

    Policy Exchange was founded by Nick Boles (now planning minister) in 2002 just after he stood down from Westminster City Council. I suspect the reason they are entered as a ‘donor’ is that Policy Exchange has held several seminars jointly with WCC over various lobbying priorities of the council, You can see WCC spend here (but they haven’t uploaded anything beyond March):


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