More shenanigans in the great NHS sell off.

My compatriot on the Big Picture has already written a post about Virgin Care this week and this one also features Virgin Care as I summarise some of the latest posts relating to the NHS.

Dr Eoin Clarke reveals that the membership  of the Hartlepool and Stockton Doctors committee (CCG) where doctors will make purchasing decision regarding NHS funds is made up entirely of doctors who have shares in Virgin Care. It will be interesting to see how many new contracts head the way of Virgin care in the coming months – they already have one.

In a separate post Dr Clarke shows that Virgin Care have in fact secured 100% membership of 6 CCG’s at this time.

Dr Clarke also reveals that problems are emerging in Virgin Cares’ contract to run Community Health services in Surrey including cost where it appears Surrey are now paying £18 000 000 more for community initiatives. There are also issues with patient records, patient safety and patient care.

In other news Jim Easton head of NHS performance and efficiency may be about to jump ship and join a private healthcare company ‘Care UK’.

We also learn that the cost of the NHS reforms has now risen by £300 million as announced by Jeremy Hunt in a written statement in the House of Commons.

So there we are a round up of some of this weeks happenings in the UK’s largest sale of public sector assets.

It used to be your NHS – now it seems its all going to belong to private companies!


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