Read this and weep! One view of government policy changes over the past 2.5 years.

This is not one of our posts in fact all I am going to do here is to link to a a post by

@suey2y which I think you may find interesting perhaps even alarming? It starts:

“Britain, I’m frightened.

Something dreadful is happening to you and you don’t know.
But you’ll read my blog (indeed, if you ever get to see it at all, jumping up and down and nipping at the ankles of a vast and deafening corporate-press as it is) and conclude I’m just “one of them”
A career protestor or perhaps a selfish lobbyist only interested in maintaining the status quo.
You’ll snort with derision, or maybe give a superior tut and shake your head a little, then go back to school runs and gas bills.
So I’m going to put this as clearly and as simply as I can.
David Cameron wants to compete with India and China.”…..
Please use this link to read more  Elf and Safety

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