We expect you to achieve a 94.5% failure rate. This really is bonkers!

There has been a lot of comment on the publication of the Welfare to Work programme’s achievements this week as the first set of figures were finally published.

It very quickly became clear that not one of the organisations involved had managed to achieve the Governments target of 5.5% of people placed in a job remaining in that job for more than six months.

This really is a dismal failure by the companies involved and by the government for setting up the scheme in the first place when it clearly knew that it would fail – why otherwise would you set such a low target of 5.5% when you know that 94.5% of people are not going to be helped by the scheme.

How many businesses run their core operation on a 5.5% success rate?

Imagine taking your car in for a service knowing that there is a 94.5% chance that it will not be returned to you.

Imagine phoning one of the emergency services knowing that there is a 94.5% chance that that emergency service will not turn up.

imagine going shopping for groceries with £100 and returning home with only £5.50’s worth of food having just chucked the rest of it away.

Imagine visiting schools with your kids and learning that they have a 94.5% failure rate for GCSE’s or universities and learning that 94.5% of their students leave without a degree having paid £27000 in fees for the privilege of doing so.

Would you send your children to that school or go to that university?

However it seems its ok to waste 94.5% of the money given to Welfare to Work schemes?

That is the premise on which this Government has accepted on the Welfare to work scheme – it started with a target of 5.5% this means that it knew how hard it would be to find people long term work but was still willing to pump money into the schemes.

So far the Government have ‘invested’ £435 million into this scheme anticipating that 94.5% of that money would not lead to someone being employed for more than 6 months – that is just over £411 million wasted.

The reality is that the success rate was even less across the country achieving only 3.5% which means that nearly £420 million of the £435 million ‘invested’ has been wasted.

The really worrying point in terms of government wastage is that work programme contract seem to have been agreed for 5 years which means the potential wastage of money is considerably more.

Using the Governments own success rate of 5.5% and based on the current expenditure in the first 14 months of £435 million we will have spent £1864 million pounds by the end of year five. Of that 94.5% has been earmarked as a loss and that is a staggering £1761.75 million pounds.

If we use the current success rate of 3.5% the loss rises to an even higher £1799 million pounds.

This to use one of our Prime ministers own phrases is bonkers.

The only people benefitting from this insane waste of public money are the 18 companies with the contracts.

The real tragedy of this is that a huge amount of money is being wasted trying to find non existent jobs for people. We would be much better off investing that money directly in companies and paying them to employ people rather than throwing it away as this current government are doing.


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