A simple reality

It is a simple reality that this Government has no plan for growth beyond the sale of public services to the private sector – which does not bring any real growth to this country at all.

Yes it may enable the likes of Capita, Serco G4S et al to make some more profits but that is profit from organisations and people that have no choice and its profit that comes from our taxes and not from people choosing to spend money on any given service. Its not real profit – there is no choice in which NHS trust you live in or police service that patrols your area.

The privatisation of public services inevitably leads to redundancies and job losses because the companies involved in the bidding process have to bid low to win the contracts and so are then required to cut jobs to bring the contract in on budget – which of course includes a profit margin.

Without a plan for the future a plan that involves some job creation we are completely screwed.

We will reach the end of austerity to find that we have gained nothing and lost everything, public services will have been devastated – a million or more young people will have learnt to survive on JSA because there are no jobs or they will have had a taste of working for nothing helping to prop up private companies profit margins.

The country will be magnificently, poor income from taxes will fall, GDP will fall  and just as we escape one round of austerity we will find ourselves stuck in another but this one will be worse – because by then we will have become a third world country trapped in an abyss of failure and depression created by a government that has no plan other than cut, cut cut.

Imagine a medical team trying to save someone with gangrene in their legs and saying cut, cut cut eventually you cut too far and the person dies,. That to my mind is what is happening here only its not one life at stake it’s a whole country.


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