The NHS as we know it needs a prayer



Regulations passed last week will turn England’s National Health Service into a competitive market. They appear to contradict assurances from the Coalition government on one of the most central elements of the Bill.

Last Wednesday the Department of Health quietly released regulations  that open up England’s National Heath Service to competition on an unprecedented scale. These regulations have started their 40-day journey to becoming law. They contradict the political assurances given during the turbulent passage through parliament of the controversial Health and Social Care Act 2012 and confirm the fears of its critics.

The extent to which competition should be applied to the NHS has been at the heart of fierce debates surrounding the Health and Social Care Bill since it was published in 2011. Government representatives have maintained that the use of competitive markets is central to their purpose . Critics warned that making competition compulsory was dangerous and driven by ideology and commercial interests rather than evidence-based best health practice. It was also feared prioritising competition indiscriminately could create a fragmented, expensive, bureaucratic health service  and a transition to much fuller privatisation .

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2 thoughts on “The NHS as we know it needs a prayer

  1. Jane Long

    I wonder if we will no longer have to pay national insurance?? If there’s no NHS there’s bugger all left worth paying for! Disgusted NHS “Worker”

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