The Coastguards Are Still In Crisis

Coastguard staffing in crisis

1 March 2013

The PCS Union  have warned that lives will be lost if coastguard stations continue to lose experienced staff.

Following the government’s flawed decision to close half the stations in the UK there are currently almost 90 watchkeepers short nationwide.

At least one station, Liverpool, faces a summer with half as many staff as it should have, making safe 24 hour cover impossible.

The government had pledged that no station would close before the new national operations centre was up and running.

But two stations, Clyde and Forth in Scotland, have already closed and Yarmouth is due to shut on Monday (4 March).

We have called on the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to urgently address the staffing crisis and honour promises on upgrading jobs and improving pay.

via Coastguard staffing in crisis – PCS Comment – PCS.

So, that’s 90 (NINETY) less Coastguards guarding the coast of our Islands.  Is that right?  Do you feel comfortable knowing that the Coastguard Service is being slashed alongside just about every other Public Service you can imagine.  What this arrogant government fail or refuse to recognise is that once these proud services have been dismantled (including the Armed Forces, they’re due for more cuts soon) it won’t be easy to build them back up again, all the experience will have drained away.


Remember the Brain Drain of the 90’s (I think it was then)?  Well, this is like the government has got a big old plunger and is forcing folk down the drain.


Make your voice heard, if you are reading this blog then you can just as easily email your MP, of whichever party, and voice your displeasure.  Last time I looked Britain was still a Democracy, it just doesn’t feel like it.



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