Stating The Obvious

Good morning, today’s lecture is on the subject of Stating The Bleeding Obvious.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin;

Most of you reading this will have had your pay FROZEN

Most of you will have seen your pension increases INCREASED

Most of you will have to work for LONGER before you can draw your pension

Most of you will have seen your Final Salary Scheme turn into a Career Average Scheme

Most of you will draw LESS pension following the government’s reforms.

Some of you will have had your Benefits CUT or withdrawn completely.

Some of you will have suffered the indignity of an ATOS Review.

On average a comprehensive ATOS Review takes less than 30 minutes.

40% of Appeals against ATOS Reviews are SUCCESSFUL

Your MP has been given £100 EXTRA per year towards the cost of his/her SECOND home.

Your MP can claim up to £160 per week for Groceries

Job Seekers Allowance is £71 per week max.

Carer’s Allowance is £58.45 per week

Disability Living Allowance is between £20 and £130 per week

Your MP thinks he/she deserves a £20,000 pay INCREASE

Starting Pay for a British Bobby has been REDUCED to less than that of the chap who makes the coffee in the House of Commons.

The increase in your MP’s pension contributions has been postponed

Your MP still retains a Final Salary Pension Scheme

The Taxpayer subsidises the Interest Payments on your MP’s Mortgage.

We Are All In This Together.

If you think that all of the above is fair and reasonable, fine, if not how about writing to your MP and voicing your concern.  One thing is for certain, if we all sit back and do nothing, nothing will be done.  Nothing will change.  Every single penny of your MP’s Salary, Expenses or Pension is paid for by YOU, the Taxpayer.

There are several e-petions calling for MP’s Expenses and Salaries to be cut or reviewed.  Why not sign some of them?

Here endeth the lesson, have a good day.


As an amusing aside, my father suffered the indignity of an ATOS Review, following on from his stroke and cancer.  He could hardly speak, was more or less paralysed down one side and couldn’t shuffle any further than the toilet.  The nice reviewer was asking questions and my mother was answering.  After a while the nice reviewer told my moth er not to answer for him “Let him answer me the same way he would answer you”  So he posed his next question and my father’s response was “BOLLOCKS”.

There was only one person not laughing.


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