I’m undecided.  I can’t make up my mind whether this wonderful coalition government that we seem to have inherited is FUBAR or simply SNAFU.

If my ageing grey cells serve me well, we have been suffering austerity measures for 3 years now.  I’m no economist so I don’t know whether that’s a reasonable length of time or not, but looking at the rest of the world I guess it’s there or thereabouts.

What I do expect though, is that after 3 years of austerity, 3 years of real, tangible pain to a lot of good, honest working folk, the government is STILL wasting our money.

I have made of government wastage previously, hereherehereherehere,   and here

Now, after 3 years I have to read that Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, admitting that HMG are STILL wasting money. In relation to the latest Spending Review under way in Whitehall he said that the objective is “removing waste in Whitehall and the wider public sector, of which there is still a considerable amount,”

All the public sector budgets have been slashed to the bone (and beyond, amputation in some cases) so I have a degree of difficulty imagining to what it is he refers.  Whitehall is another matter.  The Whitehall mandarins seem to think that they are immune to austerity and its consequences. They obviously feel that wasting a bit more of our money is OK.

That’s candid stuff from a Treasury minister: after almost three years of Coalition cost-cutting, the Government is still wasting your money.

How very dare they?

In other news, the same Danny Alexander, being interviewed by the same newspaper, states that the Armed Forces and police are to face further spending cuts.

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said that the Ministry of Defence and the Home Office would share the pain of the £11.5 billion of cuts due in 2015-16

Asked whether the Home Office and Ministry of Defence would be protected from further cuts, he [Danny Alexander] said only that the NHS, schools and international development would be ring-fenced, adding: “We will work through the details, but every department, including the ones you mention, will have to make savings.”

Now, it was only a few days ago when Gorgeous George Osborne told the world that there would be no changes to existing arrangements for policing budgets in the next financial year. I presume by that he means 2001-14, but watch out cos Danny’s got his eye on your purse.

How on earth can policing budgets withstand any more cuts? Is this what Danny Alexander really meant? Do the different government departments actually talk to each other? Is the coalition as inept as it appears to be?

My take on it is that Gideon tried to score few brownie points by saying that there would no further cuts next year, and Danny ‘The Boy’ Alexander let the cat out of the bag as to the government’s intentions for 2015-16, although in a just world they’ll no longer be in power by then, either of them.


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