The end of the NHS is almost upon us.

This Wednesday the House of Lords have an opportunity to reject s76  of the Health and Social Care  Act  which many commentators suggest could be the end of the NHS as we know it.

There is nothing you or I can really do about this as the decision lies in the hands of an unelected body a number of whom have their fingers very much in the private medical sector and stand to benefit from increased dividends etc once the NHS is gone.


The two links below set out what section 76 actually means:

And this one suggests that the NHS is in fact very efficient

To me this is privatisation for the wrong reasons i.e. profit – not because it will be more efficient or effective which is an unproven claim in most cases.

IF you agree with me there are a couple of things that you can do:

You can add your voice to the 172000+ people who have signed this petition you never know it just might make a difference.

You can also write to a Lord via this handy tool.

Still not convinced watch this video by Dr Ron Singer: or this one by Richardblogger


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