Pretty much what the Big Picture has been saying for a while now. If you don’t use your voice you may well lose it. This government, and possibly any other, will continue to impose their will on us until we find a way to stop it, and we are, after all, supposed to be living in a Democracy.

Thoughts of a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


Some people consider me to be kind patient and understanding.  That is a small part of who I am.  I am also wild, volatile and on occasion totally unreasonable.

My life is quite a complex one, juggling many balls which I’m pretty sure most of you do too. On a personal level I choose not to open up to many and distrust most.  Lately I have been depleted by events and people.  Not their fault I am in control of how I let people interact with me; the events though…

How  to change what is perceived by most to be unchangeable? Taking a big bite and then not being able to either chew or digest, or by one little step at a time?

We have been sold down the river consistently for the last few decades by whichever party was in power.  We have become impotent in our fates….or have we?…

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