The Fire and Rescue Service, just one of our valuable public services being shafted by a short-sighted coalition

Thoughts of a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


I have taken the liberty of reproducing the consultation document that @SaveSouthwark have shared via their website  savesouthwarkfirestation.org

I firmly believe that everyone should read it and keep up the pressure to prevent cuts to Fire Services.

I know it is a long document but PLEASE read it through to the end.  Sobering reading.    Jules aka @julieanneda


‘We are taking a risk based approach to providing fire cover in London.’

James Cleverly, chairman of the LFEPA – 12th May Public consultation – GLA headquarters.  

The aim of this document is to demonstrate that the proposed closures of Southwark & New Cross Fire Stations coupled with the removal of the second pump at Peckham Fire Station is based on a model that does not reflect the risks in the surrounding built environment.

The model does not take into consideration the exceptional nature of the risks associated with…

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