Hypocrisy and the Royal Mail

Your Royal Mail is safe in our hands, it is protected by the Law. Oh Really?


My Bullshit Meter swung violently up to 11 this morning.

I was unfortunate enough to catch the Government Minister for Being a Pillock assure the British Public that the 6 days a week service provided by the Royal Mail was protected by law and the public had nothing to fear from the upcoming sale of the Royal Mail.  This is surely the same ConDem Government that couldn’t change pensions for existing officers etc so THEY CHANGED THE LAW.

This has to be the most bald-faced cynicism imaginable and completely assumes that the British Public are, indeed, pillocks (which they most certainly are not).

But here is what is very unusual about this share sale. It is taking place at a time when the CWU union is balloting its 125,000 Royal Mail members on a strike, over pay, pension changes and post-privatisation terms and conditions of work.

As Royal Mail…

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