Steve’s Introduction.

I have been fairly active on twitter for just over a year now, initially I joined purely because I was interested in social media and learning. I became involved in the #AntiWinsorNetwork and #PFTP and began to follow a number of people whose tweets and links really resonated with me in terms of what I saw our current government doing.

I began to blog and wrote one post Five Years which has received more hits than any other and so it appears that some may share my point of view or not as the case may be!

I have been following Alan for some time who also blogs, he recently wrote a post which summed up so much of what I was thinking that we had a twitter conversation, was prodded by a mutual twitter user to do something and here we are.

Sometimes I think I must be imagining all this but in reality it seems that the coalition is determined to sell off what to me is a central part of what makes this country tick – its public services so that private organisations can make a profit off the taxes that we pay to provide those services. I simply do not believe that this is right.


Alan’s Introduction
Apparently I’ve inhabited Twitter since March 2011.  I soon discovered that there are many like-minded people also voicing their concerns and that there is a lot of genuine concern about the future shape of our country,  People that I shared Tweets with suggested that I should write a blog and the rest is history as they say.  Having written a few blogs about Police Reform in its various guises I discovered Tom Pride’s blog, a satirical look at UK politics, and from there found out that there were many people equally concerned about something, but I couldn’t find anybody who’d put it all together.  So I had a bash at writing a blog entry outlining just what is going on at the hands of this coalition government apart from Police Reform.


That provoked a few interesting comments/Tweets from people in other walks of life so Steve and I  had this Twitter chat and came up with the idea of this blog, The Big Picture.  We appear to be quite similar in our outlook and backgrounds and so we hope that it will work and outline the Big Picture for you all.


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